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Dealer Registration
April 5 - 12

E-Learning Open
April 7 thru May 31

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Begins April 6

Owner/Manager Live Training Sessions
April 19 thru May 3

Sales Rep Live Sessions
May 4 thru May 19
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Are you ready for a record breaking 2011?

It's spring training time for MetroPCS!

Together with training partner RBD, we have a program designed for you and your employees to improve in all aspects of the sales process.

We know you'd like your store to be successful-- we're all for that! Through our training and information sessions, we're going to help you achieve this goal while increasing your bottom line.


In order for MetroPCS to become a more competitive force in the wireless industry, we must improve the sales process and approach. Our goal is to move away from the "clerking" mentality and follow a more sophisticated consultative selling process. [read more...]


You and your employees will first view comprehensive online training videos on Mastering Wireless Sales, and will then attend live training sessions specifically tailored to MetroPCS. Sessions cover a variety of topics surrounding the sales process. [read more...]


All MetroPCS indirect dealers in the Orlando, Melbourne and Daytona Beach area are required to participate in this program. Dealer Owners must first register on this site. Cick here to register now [read more...]

Dealer Registration
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